Trick hacks- some things you should know before traveling to Saigon

Saigon travel

When visiting a new city, you can’t only see the landscapes, you should discover the local life to explore detail about this new area.

Saigon in Vietnam is a beautiful place for your journey. There is a little big and bustling. Via the beautiful sceneries, the unique architectures and series of delicious dishes, you are immersed in this dynamic city. Some people call it with another name like Ho Chi Minh City.

To blend into the hustle life in there, you should note some necessary trick hacks as the following recommendations.

The weather in Saigon

There are only two season: rainy and dry. With the tropical monsoon climate, you feel the high and stable temperature around year.

Sometimes rains can come any time while the sun is shining. But it doesn’t last long. So almost people feel appropriate and comfortable.


As determined that Saigon is the tour central of Vietnam, the Government has focused on building infrastructure as transportation. So there are many vehicles to travel such as flight, car or bus.

Each choice will have other benefits about fare, transit time or purpose. So, you should carefully check about schedule and character of each transportation so that you can book a good vehicle during your trip.


It’s an important issue for each travel which affect feeling and mental. You should find a good accommodation to rest, sleep and relax to get more energy.

Don’t worry about this situation in Saigon. There are many other options for you such as: hotel, motel or homestay with other price levels. You can check and book reservation on some reliable websites to avoid full of space in the trip.

Shopping in markets and centers

You should go to the traditional markets to enjoy street food, handicraft cosmetics or fashion products made in Vietnam.

Enjoy it as wonderful experience in your life.