Travel to Saigon – What do you need to know?


Saigon is one of the most developing cities in Vietnam. However, if you know well about some specific things to explore when starting your trip here, it would save more time and help you more to find out interesting things in this city. Let’s see top outstanding features that identify Saigon travel.


Saigon remains the youngest and most hustling city in the country in spite of the long history of 300 years old. This is also a city with integrated culture from traditional Vietnamese, to European and American culture. This is the city of plenty ethnic minorities throughout the country, including Kinh, Chinese, Cham and so on. There are specific area for a particular ethnic group, such as District 5 for the Chinese, and the Cham, etc.


It is quite convenient to get to this city by motorbike, coach or car if you are living in a near place. For a further distance, it is a good suggestion to take a flight here or travel by train. To make the trip easier and more comfortable, you should take time to choose a suitable transport mean during your Saigon tour.

For airplane, you should plan your trip beforehand and hunt for cheap tickets. For train, it is a good choice for those who have more free time on the way. For buses, there are many stations throughout the city providing for the bus route, which connect to even other nearby provinces. For motorbikes, it is popular for tourists to hire one from your hotel.


Hotels are in everywhere in the city, ranges from cheap, reasonable priced to luxurious and high-class ones. Considering your budget and decide which one would you like to stay in.

Shopping and specialties

In anywhere you go, it is one of the priorities to taste the specialties of the place. In Saigon, you would need to go enjoy some rice cakes with forest leaves in Hoang Ty rice cake store on Cao Thang street. For the famous dishes in the middle Vietnam, you can have meals in some restaurants in the chain of Hue dish restaurants. There are also options for people who like northern or southern foods. Nonetheless, one of the best dishes in the city must be Banh Mi, a famous street foods with considerably many variants, but they share the same features: good taste and flavour.

After reading the brief guide, are you excited for the trip to Saigon already? Now plan your trip and start to create an amazing travel with nice memories!