Top tips for traveler in Saigon during Tet holiday

Saigon travel

Tet holiday is the biggest festival in Saigon, Vietnam. All the local are excited and hopeful to welcome Tet holiday. It is also called “lunar new year”. When foreigner travel to Saigon in this occasion, you have a great opportunity to discover traditional culture of Vietnamese. Furthermore, Saigon is one of the most active cities in Vietnam, it has combination between ancient and modern beauty. So it makes your trip more interesting and memorial.

This article will share top tips what you should do when travelling to Saigon in Tet holiday occasion.


As introduced before, Tet is an extremely crowded occasion in Saigon when all local work far will come back hometown to take a rest and enjoy Tet holiday. Even, some local live in a foreign country, they are ready to pay money to have a flight to home. So you should book the tickets in advance for both turns to sure that your trip is on time as your expected schedule.

You also should prepare a few electronic devices to capture beautiful moments in your trips, such as smartphones, cameras and video recorders in advance. Almost electrical shops or supermarket can be closed in some days for this occasion. So it is inconvenient to find some devices as your expectation. It’s better you have available devices before.

Aware of being pick-pocketed

Saigon in Vietnam is a developing city so it still exists some

During the Tet holiday, many people join other events so it is possible to raise the risk of being pick-pocketed. So any circumstances, you should bear in mind a great caution for your wallet as well other belongings. You also should avoid bringing valuable items or wear your bag to the front. You can’t imagine that how skillful these thieves can be.