Top tips for traveler in Saigon during Tet holiday

Saigon travel

Lunar new year is granted as the biggest holiday in Vietnam. If you visit Vietnam on this occasion, you can discover some special traditions which only welcome and practice on this holiday. Annually, there are millions of travelers to come Sai Gon during Tet holiday. This article will continue to share tips to have a safe trip in Saigon in this occasion.

Be informed carefully

During the holiday, there are a few outside activities and shows to be celebrated at other places. You should check the information schedule first to avoid missing some interesting performances. You can make reference about shows via online newspaper or brochure. It’s better that you reserve ticket in advance to avoid being out of stock or wait a long queue for purchase.

As the nice customs, Sai Gon people usually go out to join all outside activities. 

Open mind, open heart and discover new things

As lifestyle of Vietnamese culture, Sai Gon people are friendly, open and sociable. Hence they are happy when you ask them to try many Vietnamese traditional food like Banh chung, banh day or banh tet. It’s better that you open new things when you join public activities in Tet holiday. This is a good chance to discover special things which you can’t find it any other occasions.

But you also take care your stomach when trying something new. Don’t over stuff yourself

Learn and give some Vietnamese wishes

Giving nice wishes is a necessary part in Tet among people. From the old, mature or kids, they exchange good greetings and wishes regularly about happiness, health, success or study in these holidays when they meet together. By learning and giving some Vietnamese wishes, you can make a good impression in the Vietnamese. It also helps to make better air among people.