Top things you shouldn’t do when travelling to Saigon

Saigon travel

When you come a new country, please finding news and information about local etiquette and customs. It helps you to adapt the local culture and sites easily without any troubles. Visiting Vietnam, you have more experience to discover the natural landscape and people. Especially, Vietnamese people also highly appreciate travelers who try to apply by their customs.

Saigon is located in the South of Vietnam. It looks a nightlife and busy city which attracts many visitor in and outside nation

Here are few tips that you shouldn’t do for your trip to Saigon, Vietnam:

1, Feel free to keep eye contact with the local

Vietnamese people are friendly, helpful and open with the foreigner. Don’t be shy or worry if someone smile or instruct the way enthusiastically.

They are impressive with some questions about age, country, job and status of married without the specific purposes

2, Do not wear jewelry when going outside alone

Along streets or of Ho Chi Minh City, there are many robbers. It’s notorious for visitor. It is better that you shouldn’t wear valuable jewelry or valuable things in a public place. Furthermore, you also don’t forget to lock our valuables in safe places such as your luggage or bag

Let it make a safe trip without anger or anxiety about security

3, Vietnamese coffee is strong and tasty

Vietnam, especially Saigon is famous for coffee which they directly grow and produce at the mountain. You can see the crowded with street coffee stores along the roads. Saigon people gradually and daily drink coffee, including after the breakfast, hangout or dessert. They are coffee-addicts

But unlike Western countries, Vietnamese coffee is awesome and really strong. You should add more condensed milk, ice or sugar to reduce powerful level of coffee. So you can enjoy a cup of delicious coffee