Top thing you should know before visiting Saigon

Saigon travel

In the first glance, Saigon is also well-known with another name as Ho Chi Minh city, it is a busy and modern city in the South of Vietnam with more than 13 million people and 7 million motorbikes for daily activities.

When you come Saigon, you can discover beauties of tradition, customs as well foods. The fact that there are many attractive things to enjoy for your trip in Saigon. However, Saigon in Vietnam is a developing city, it has existed some drawbacks. In this article, we will share top thing you should know about Saigon before the travel. If you expect a safe trip, following this share.

1/ Finding taxi in the airport

When you land, there are many taxi drivers to offer you in their services. It’s better that you ignore all offers because of the expensive cost for foreigners. You should follow the instruction sign in the airport to find the taxi rank position. You should use taxi with good reputation like Vinasun, Mai Linh or taxi group. It’s more reliable and affordable. They show GPS maps on screen so you can know which address you are going.

2/ Don’t use dollars for any transaction

Using local currency- Vietnamese Dong is more convenient for any purchase. Further, the local feel you are familiar to their daily habit, so they don’t charge more.

To exchange dollars into Vietnamese Dong, you can go to some shop in Dang Khoi street, district 1. Or some souvenirs also offer this service.

Another choice, you can go to the bank then see the exchange counters or go the supermarket and depart stores. They can provide exchange service. Although it is safer, the rate is higher. Depending on your option as well your convenience.