Top must-visit attractions in Ho Chi Minh City

Saigon travel

As introduced in the previous article, Ho Chi Minh is a beautifully famous city in Vietnam. When you travel there, you shouldn’t miss some must-destinations to discover culture, customs, landscapes as well the Vietnamese people.

This following will recommend several outstanding attractions in Ho Chi Minh city. Make your plan and get ready to travel immediately.

4/ Saigon Opera House

It located on 7 Lam Son Square, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1 called with another name as the Municipal Theatre of Ho Chi Minh City.

It is an interesting place for someone like discovering the ancient architecture buffs, especially the French colonial style.

This Opera was built in 1897 by Eugene Ferret as a French architect so that it is a complex of entertainment center for French colonists. After 1956, this building became the home of the Lower House assembly of South Vietnam then a theater in 1975.

Inside the Saigon Opera House, there are shopping malls and exclusive hotels to serve guest. Don’t forget to buy the ticket at box office or local travel agents to be allowed the entry.

5/ Reunification Palace

Located in No. 7 Ben Thanh Market & Saigon Square, it has another name as the Independence Palace. Lying on 44 acres of lush lawns and gardens, the Palace has described clearly about lifestyle of privileged heads of state in Saigon in 1960s.

Total complex includes in the president’s living quarters and the war command room with evidences like antiquated communications equipment, the people in war, military vehicles or the maze of basement tunnels.

6/ Ben Thanh Market & Saigon Square

It is a wonderful stop to take a rest or eating as well discover the market chaos. There are variously delicious food from the local like street food, fast food or other souvenirs like shoes, clothes or flowers.

Walking about 3 minutes, you can move to Saigon Square to have new shopping experience.