The Best Gaming Cafés in Ho Chi Minh City (part 2)

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Kingdom Gaming

With gaming has become more and more popular in Vietnam, there has been a new gaming style that has risen quickly: the iCafe. In Ho Chi Minh city, one of the most famous iCafe shops is Kingdom Gaming. Thanks to its white walls, natural wood, dangling filament light bulbs, it is a gorgeous place to spend your leisure time, whether you are a gamer or not. The coffee shop has a high ceiling and a clean palette. The coffee there is amazing. The staff is renowned for being very friendly. Stepping inside, you will easily recognize the fact that the normal 98-2% gender divide in gaming cafés isn’t right here. Professional gaming has quickly become a way for many Vietnamese women to relax as well as to level the playing field between men and women in a country that still has a little of 20th-century conceptions of a woman’s role. Kingdom Gaming is definitely a safe space for gaming women.

Marines e-Sports Gaming

Filled with soft lighting, natural wood, and pot plants, Marines e-Sports Gaming in District 4 is a trendy place of the youth in Ho Chi Minh city, like Cyber Core. It is the mix between the Cyber Core and a Shoreditch coffee roaster. It is the home turf of Marines Esports (or GAM Esports), one of the country’s top tier League of Legends teams. With its gaming rigs, private rooms, and all the drinks you could need for an all-night session, Marines e-Sports Gaming is one of the best places to watch big e-sports events in Ho Chi Minh.

Kingdom Next Gen Hoa Hung

For a premium experience that combines all of the best that Vietnamese gaming cafés have to offer, Kingdom Next Gen is a small chain making a lot of places to enjoy coffee at the same time playing games. With delicate lighting and glass dividing walls, its interior is gorgeously turned out, making the whole place feel open.