Take a trip to Cho Lon market before and now

Saigon travel

When you visit Vietnam, you shouldn’t miss travels to market, especially the traditionally local markets. Actually, Vietnamese market has a glimpse into the local culture and history of its nation.

In Saigon, each famous market has marked a milestone in the country’s commercial hub through shop’s arrangement, designs or pattern around market in development history.

It’s a pity, the modern life aslo leads to build up many commerial centers to replace ancient markets. Fancy shopping malls or multi-story plazas have various kind of product and food to serve customers effectively. But some markets remain to preserve cultural and history value.

Seeing Cho Lon market before and now, you can see changes that has taken place at the oldest markets in Saigon.

The original Cho Lon was built in 1778 as the central marketplace of China community. There are many Chinese merchants overcoming the Mekong Delta to purchase and do busniess. It became a trading place for both the local and foreign people.

In the 1920s, Cho Lon market was burnt down in a serious fierce fire so it was completelty wiped out.

After the fire, the French government have moved Cho Lon to a new location to restore and rebuild. In 1928, there is a new market to be replaced for Cho Lon market. It was called Binh Tay market. It is built based on great donation from a wealthy merchant.

It was built on exotic French-Chinese mixed architecture inspiration. It had eight trigrams of sky, fire, wind and the trigrams arranged around wall and roof of the house.

Through the 88-year-old-activities, Cho Lan becomes damaged and old. To restore and attract more tourists, it was closed in 2016. Estimated that it was re-open in 2018 with new sides and new purposes. Cho Lon market becomes one of symbol when you visit Saigon.