Some dangers of Saigon street coffee

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Street coffee is one of the most popular life style as well the aspect of culture in Saigon. Everyday the local drink street coffee as daily breakfast or hanging out with friends. If you travel to Saigon, you can’t miss to try Saigon street coffee. Beside enjoying it, you should take care some dangers from it to have a safe trip.

This article will have top dangers of Saigon street coffee as pocket tips for your trip to Saigon in Vietnam.

Firstly, element of street coffee has a little industrial chemical. Don’t surprise because Vietnam is a developing country, small owners of coffee shops and the Government usually focus on doing business and less care about health problem. Therefore some owners use chemicals to make more favor for coffee as the best way to maximize profit. It’s better to choose reliable coffee shops. A few shops with famous reputation will use original favor to make a great cup of coffee. You can enjoy it perfectly without caring health issue.

Some notorious markets to buy fake coffee with the substance like heavy metals, lead or mercury, coffee-flavored chemicals which can cause stomach and liver cancer later.

Secondly, you should care about price of a cup of coffee. Because street coffee shops are set up disorderly on pavements, owners of shops can quote price freely without controlling from the Government. They can make fake price to cheat you when they know you are a foreigner. Hence, it’s better that you should ask price before ordering anything.

If you feel it is expensive, you can deny to purchase and move another coffee shop. The Saigon people are friendly and sociable when anyone changes to another shop.

Finally, you should have a breakfast before drinking coffee. It’s better for your stomach.