Saigon market in Chinatown restored quickly for better conditions

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Currently, there are over 200 workers working on restoration to upgrade the iconic market in the Chinatown Binh Tay in Sai Gon.  Located in district 6, this is an ancient market with more than 90 years of history. For such a long time of existence, there has surely been deterioration in almost all parts in the market. This lead to the decision of local authorities to shut it down for restoration from November of 2016.

The work is finished after two years, and going along with it is the full inspection before the market was opened again one month later. The total cost of the repair is over 104 billion Vietnamdong, equivalent to 4.66 US dollars. In order to compensate in the common fund of the city, the authorities plan to collect payment from tenants for 10 years.

After the restoration, many parts of the market have been upgraded, from its roofs, main entrance, walls, floors, pillars, to the stairways. In addition, there will be an electricity generator in a separated space and a public restroom to be built for the convenience of people coming there.

There has been estimated t have new 11,000 square kilometers of new tile roofs to be replaced, with the same size and shapes compared to the original. However, due to the loads of work, this project is quite slowly carried, making a late delivery of tiles. This is also the reason why the process of carrying this project takes more time than expected.

The most hard-working people for this project is obviously the workers. The have to work from dusk till dawn, in many parts of the market to repair and restore. The original design in the two sets of staircase at the main gate on Thap Muoi Street remains unchanged. However, the interior of the market is painted with a different color, and many other utilities.

Every year, this iconic market receives over 120,000 foreigners to visit, according to statistics before it was shut down to repair.