Interesting Facts About Vietnam


Offer the war, Vietnam has become a popular choice for tourists from around the world. The country offers amazing sights, culture and beautiful beaches that are sure to grab the attention of all visitors. On top of it all, Vietnam is interesting for many facts, which doesn’t relate to the war, but rather the country and the experiences you can experience when visiting.

Motorbikes Everywhere

If you’re visiting from the US, the UK or Europe, the amount of motorbikes is sure to have you stop in amazement. Just about everyone has a bike, making it an interesting addition to the trip to rent a bike yourself and join the madness. The first couple of trips might be nerve wrecking as it seems as if everyone just does their own thing, but soon after, you’ll see the flow of how all works and fall right in. The reason there are so many bikes is that the tax is a lot less in comparison to cars that include 100% tax and even 200% on some cars. Therefore, around 30% of all the people in the country use bikes while less than 5% own cars.

Brilliant Coffee

Interestingly, Vietnam is the second biggest coffee-producing country in the world with 16% while Brazil still leads with 40%. However, you’ll find many different types of coffee in the country, catering to everyone’s state. As a fan of coffee, you’re sure to be impressed with some of the types they provide, especially when you begin to enjoy the iced version, which is perfect for a cool down with the higher humidity or simply a relaxing drink on one of the popular beaches.

Light Skin is Preferred

It’s rather interesting that people in Vietnam consider whiter skin better as opposed to dark skin. This isn’t a racist thing, but the culture has found that tanned people within their culture tend to be the ones who are labourer workers as they would be out in the sun a lot. Therefore, even on the hottest of days, you’ll find many people from Vietnam cover up all parts of their skin as they avoid the sun.

Furthermore, many people use special products to further whiten their skin, which has turned into a big industry within the country. If planning to grab a tan while on holiday, don’t feel strange as the tanned skin mostly only applies to the people living in Vietnam.

The Shape of Vietnam

While you’re planning your trip to Vietnam, you’re sure to find many ways to travel around as the country is shaped in a long S that almost resembles a seahorse. Therefore, it’s easy to get around by boat, bike, walking, taxis and much more. The great thing is, no matter where you stay, getting to the beach never takes long.
Since the country is in this shape, it’s also a lot easier to plan your way around and keep your travelling to a minimum while enjoying the beauty Vietnam has to offer!