How is the way to celebrate Christmas in Saigon

Saigon travel

Saigon is the south of Vietnam which has beauties between traditional culture and modern of the West. Although Christmas just isn’t as big a festival as in Saigon, there has few populations for Christians religion. However, the local are ready to have fun in any occasions so Christmas is a great opportunity to go outside and celebrate by parties or travel. It is also a good experience when you visit Saigon on Christmas Eva. You can see beauty of Saigon with thousands of string lights and Christmas decorations. This article will recommend you the places to celebrate great Christmas in Saigon.

Take to the Church

The beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral located in District 1 is a well-known destination in Saigon. It is the most famous place to celebrate Christmas Eva with special services for Christian congregation. Visiting there and enjoy the atmosphere of Christmas will make deep impression for your trip. In Notre Dame Cathedral, they decorate and organize all etiquette of Christmas Eva. So you are loss in Christmas festival as the other West nations.

Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most stunning buildings in the center of SaiGon in Christmas Eva.

Diamond Plaza

This plaza is located in city center which the destination looks nice and happy for someone loving taking shots around Christmas season. It is decorated carefully with sparking lights and Christmas trees to make noisy atmospheres for the Christmas night. Inside of Diamond, it is a super department store so you are free to go shopping or buy some souvenir for your relatives.

Bui Vien walking street

Bui Vien walking street brings traditional beauty of Vietnam when there are many bars and restaurants on the pavement without obstruction. So you can chat with friends and enjoy some delicious street food. It seems perfect for the cool in Christmas night.