Ho Chi Minh City turns Bach Dang wharf into a tourist destination, night food destination


Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee has just approved the urban river tourism operators to combine night food at Bach Dang wharf (district 1) to attract tourists.

This is a move of Ho Chi Minh City to develop a variety of tourism products and return Bach Dang wharf that had previously stopped operating.
According to the research results of designing the project “Bach Dang Port Park” of Saigon Tourism Corporation (approved by the Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee in mid-2017), there will be 2 pedestrian bridges built to connecting district 1 to district 2, so investors are required to study and propose to design to ensure pedestrian convenience from district 1 to district 2; the abutment on the side of district 1 does not encroach into the inside of Ton Duc Thang street.

In addition, the city also requires investors to study carefully the intersection at the intersection of Ham Nghi – Nguyen Hue – Ton Duc Thang, the road leading to Khanh Hoi bridge and the road leading to Thu Thiem bridge; study to connect parking area, underground commercial center with metro station area under Ham Nghi road. In particular, this area needs to research and update the location of the water taxi station in the landscaped garden area, to organize the design of the central berth to act as a transport hub for water taxi routes and other public transport routes to ensure aesthetic architecture of Bach Dang port park.

Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee also noted that the departments and branches that temporarily exploit the inner-city river tourism at Bach Dang wharf are one year, the self-relocated enterprises do not compensate when the city implements regulations planning Bach Dang wharf.

Earlier, Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee also decided since April 30, 2015, hydrofoils, tourist boats, restaurant ships … at Bach Dang wharf must be relocated to serve the improvement. After renovating and embellishing, Bach Dang wharf will become the most modern trade center in Ho Chi Minh City with many nightlife and entertainment facilities, even proposing to build a marina to attract tourists and International visitors.