History of Saigon Opera House in Vietnam

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The Saigon Opera House is one the most famous destination when you travel in Saigon. It is a great landmark which can survive after these devastating wars and relentless modern development. This article will describe outstanding feature about this historical landmark. If you have planned to travel to Saigon, don’t miss valuable experience at there.

Estimated that its age is 115 years old when it is built in 1897 by direction of three French architects. It is located on the Lam Son Square where it is the center of the historic and cinema industry in Ho Chi Minh City. All hours, traffic jam can pour in this Square then roam around this Opera. On the façade of the Saigon Opera House, it is considered as an echo of the Petit Palais.

Visiting inside this big House, it has a super big stage and three-tiered with about 800-seat galleries. As soon as this complex was completed, it became stopping points for touring French troupes. In the past, the House only served the rich and the royal or thriving middle class in this city.

At there, you have opportunities to enjoy cultural diversions and world-class shows by talent artists. In 1940s, this building was in a turbulent during more than three decades because disaster of war. As the bad consequences, some of the ornaments and statues were removed and even the building’s exterior was destroyed by the Allied air raids.

In 1955, this hall became great and useful when it is the safe place to hide of the French civilians before they were occupied by the Vietnamese.

After 1975, this building was renamed the Saigon Opera House and then restore and renew all the exterior, color as space. This investment has purpose to welcome and mark the 300th anniversary of the founding of Saigon, then open a new chance for the Opera House to attract more and more tourists.