Having fun at Nguyen Hue Walking Street


Nguyen Hue walking street has long become a destination that not only attracts tourists but also local people in Saigon. Besides the main street, around this street there are many interesting things that you may not know about. Take a trip to explore every good corner of this beautiful walking street!
Nguyen Hue pedestrian street – An interesting destination in the heart of Saigon

This lively walking street is located on Nguyen Hue Street, located in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, extending from the City People’s Committee headquarters to Ben Bach Dang.
Since the inauguration until now, this has always been one of the busiest destinations in Saigon because of its open space, many interesting and useful activities as well as beautiful apartment buildings and shops. , bustling cafes, cafes.
The large yard is the place for smart two-wheelers or lively rollerblading, attracting children to young people.
See the street music
In the evening, especially on Saturdays or Sundays on the weekends, there is a group of young people, art enthusiasts gathering at the end of the street to exchange and perform. You will meet street performers spread out on the show.
Nguyen Hue Bookstore

Located right on the main street of Nguyen Hue, this place attracts many tourists who love books. Being able to stroll around the weekend, just get lost in the world of favorite books. What a comfortable and rewarding trip also extremely comfortable.
Saigon Garden
Saigon Garden is located right on the front of Nguyen Hue street in front of the green trees like a royal garden.

This is a complexion of restaurants, cafes, time shops, flower shops, bakeries, … the most luxurious place in Saigon today. Sipping a cup of tea, under the cool and luxurious space, watching the activity taking place in the pedestrian street is nothing great for a gentle weekend.