Check list to do when you come Saigon

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Saigon is located in the South of Vietnam. It is a big and bustling city with many unique architectures and numerous delicious dishes. When you have come here firstly, you will have good memories about Saigon

Why Saigon can attract amount of tourist day by day. Follow these places below. You will find the question yourselves

Enjoying hidden alleyways

Almost foreign people feel amazing with these hidden alleyways in Saigon. Just walk into and check out, you can be leaded by another alley. It can turn out a shop or café store. Further, there are delicious food streets hiding in these alley. It brings traditional and cultural impression of Vietnamese

Visiting one of traditional markets

It is a good idea to discover the local and their customs. We can check list some famous market such as Cho Lon, Binh Tay or Ben Thanh

You can buy something traditional gift for your family. The local are friendly and hospitable to recommend products as your requirement

Drinking Saigon beer on Bui Vien Street

Bui Vien street is known as a notorious backpacker’s street with many tourists. In addition, Saigon beer is the first choice for people, both the native and the foreign because it’s a Vietnamese brand.

You feel so exciting about taste of Saigon beer. Some people said that it comes out cultural and character of Saigon people. A little outgoing, warming and deep

Eating Vietnamese baguette (Banh my thit) and noodle (My quang)

There are famous dishes in Saigon. Vietnamese people are popular with them. They use them for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. They are sold on many streets.

About bread, you also have other options: mixed it with ham, pate or pork and inclusive radish, carrot and slice cucumber to make more delicious and various

About noodle, it is original from central Vietnam. But it has been created with some thick yellow noodles. Actually it is tasty and easy to enjoy for travel