Ben Thanh Night Market- you should visit

Saigon travel

When you travel to Saigon in Vietnam, you should visit Ben Thanh night market. It is a unique feature of Vietnamese culture and Saigon people life style. There is a little busy and noisy with bustling gathering of roadside stalls and local food vendors. These combination of vendors, shoppers, locals and tourists together make the infectious energy for Ben Thanh night market. Sure that it’s a memorial story in your Saigon tour.

The arrival time: open at 6pm and close at 12am

There are blocked off to motor traffic so that people are free to walk and buy anything without caring about complying with traffic regulation. You also should be careful to your bag or package because some robber

Many night vendors have set up their tents along both sides of road. Although their area is small, they try the best to display all items to be eye-catching customer. 

There are many items for your night jaunt such as clothes, footwear, accessories, jewelry, hardware, pet shops, crafts, flowers, spices, nuts, handicraft or jewelry and other traditional souvenirs. In addition, tourists are attracted by series of the street restaurants despite the modest number of stalls. Many kinds of food can directly be cooked and sold on stoves or barbeques. It’s delicious for a night meal.

Vietnamese noodles are always the best choice for any tourist. You can be served pork, beef, chicken or seafood in different types of sweet, sour or peppery soup. Furthermore, you should try fresh grilled seafood there. It’s famous and tasty. You can completely be satisfied with the reason price for going shopping in Ben Thanh night market.

Almost menus in the restaurants are written in English with appetizing pictures for your choosing easily. It extremely catches your eye and make more flavor deliciously.