Art Museum Ho Chi Minh City

The Art Museum in Ho Chi Minh City, also known as the Fine Arts Museum, was established on September 5th, 1987, following the decision made by the HCMC People’s Committee.
It is recognized as a first class national museum by the Vietnam’s Ministry of Culture.

Housed in a three-story colonial building, the Art Museum in Saigon has a rich collection finest artworks ranging from classical sculptures to contemporary paintings.

The museum’s huge collection of displays include contemporary paintings by renowned Vietnamese and foreign artists, traditional handicrafts created by the nation’s ethnic groups, Vietnamese antiques like red-lacquered and gilded products, ceramics, mother-of-pearl inlaid wood and exhibits of Western art.
Some priceless Cham, Indian and Khmer pieces are also kept in this museum.

The first floor of this museum displays the spectacular creations of Vietnamese and foreign artists.

The second floor exhibits the paintings and carvings done by the renowned artists of Vietnam along with some outstanding creations of foreign artists.

The third floor preserves the priceless artworks created between the 7th and early 20th century. The valuable Cham and Oc Eo art works developed between the 7th and the 17th centuries are also kept in this floor of this museum. The exhibits of Vietnam’s Occidental art, which originated between 18th and early 20th century and traditional Vietnamese artworks are also preserved here.

The contact details of the Saigon’s famous Art Museum are as follows:

Address: 97A Pho Ðuc Chinh St., District 1, HCMC

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The Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Museum is a bit of a mixed bag. If you come hoping to see rooms of beautiful masterpieces you’ll be sorely disappointed. This museum has a VERY small collection, and a fair bit of…

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