6 beautiful coffee shop that you should check in when travelling to HCMC


1. The Coffee House Signature:
Saigon youth is no stranger to the beautiful, eye-catching and modern coffee chain of The Coffee House brand. But recently, the young people have given a lot of favor to The Coffee House Signature – brand new store in the center of District 3. So what’s the special here?

The first impression is the open space with modern design. Using glass as the main material, The Coffee House Signature has more green trees, the distance between the sitting areas is also spacious, bringing comfort and tranquility to customers

The Coffee House Signature has two spaces – outdoor and indoor. Even so, the outdoor space is still extremely cool, airy, suitable for you to work or read books. Another plus point of The Coffee House Signature is that it allows order at the table, instead of at the counter like other branches.

2. Chanchamayo Coffee:

Located on the quiet Ngo Thoi Nhiem street, Chanchamayo appears like a tiny garden. As you step in, you will feel relaxed because the garden is full of green color here.
Between green pots are tables and chairs with warm brown cardboard, or a swing that many young people take pictures to check in or upload on their Instagram

The inner area is also very pretty. In white, brown and gold tones, any small detail makes people feel like home.
Chanchamayo not only has a plus point in space, but also has a rich menu. The dishes here are considered creative, fancy and quality. And of course, the price is a bit high, but it’s worth a try.

3. Lekima – Tea, Shop and Tree:
A new coffee shop has just appeared in Saigon and is being checked in by many young people, it is Lekima tea shop. Located in an old apartment, Lekima has a relatively small space. But the pretty little corners here will give you the love